My Wifes Hot Friend Video – Tasha Reign

My wifes hot friend video got online the other day and that’s how I ended everything with her. A few month ago I was all alone at our place, my wife was out of town for a few days and was extremely horny. So I went out with my pals at our favorite bar to pick up some drunk chicks. But there was Tasha, one of my wife’s closest friends so I could do anything and I spent the entire night talking with her. She got so drunk that I just couldn’t let her drive and she ended up sleeping at our place. I put her in bed in our bedroom and I slept on our living couch.

The next morning instead I got a special wake up call. I felt something wet on my cock and when I opened my eyes I saw Tasha with my hard cock in her filthy mouth. She didn’t stop until I cummed all over her. She told me that this was her thanking me for last night. Then she pushed me on the couch and grabbed my tool and shoved it in her eager pussy stretching it to the limits. Enjoy and check out more mywifeshotfriend update for more videos and pics! If you liked this video and you are looking for similar content you can visit website. Enjoy!

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My Wifes Hot Friend Video – Tory Lane

As promised we are back with another my wifes hot friend video for you guys. Today we have smoking hot Tory Lane ready to get her pussy stuffed. She had a crush for her friend’s hot husband for a while now but she didn’t do anything. But at the last party they went she ended up spending with him most of the night. His wife left home earlier because she had to work the next day, but she convinced him to stay. Tory told him that he wouldn’t regret it and so it was. After they both got drunk, they weren’t in the shape to drive so they spent the night there. After they talked all night long they of course shared a room as well.

After Tory got out of the shower she didn’t bother to put anything and got out of the bath wearing nothing but a smile. But that didn’t bother him at all and he sure enjoyed the view. But when he was taking his shower he had a special visit for drunk of horny Tory. After they fucking like crazy in the shower they moved the action in the room sucking and fucking all over the place. Enjoy it and don’t forget that you can find similar videos and picture galleries inside the website. See you soon!

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My Wifes Hot Friend – Sara Blake

Sara Blake, my wifes hot friend gave me a call the other day. First I thought she wanted to talk to my wife but no, she wanted to meet with me for a cup of coffee the next morning. So the next morning I left from work and went straight to the coffee shop to meet with her. I saw her all sad and washed out drinking from her coffee, I immediately knew that something was wrong with her. I sat next to her I listened to her complain of her boyfriend and I also find out that he was cheating on her.

After we finished the coffees I wanted to talk with her in a quit place. So I took her to my office. While I was cleaning my desk I heard the door closing and when I turned around I saw her completely naked waiting for me on the chair. So I took off my pants and started stuffing her holes with my hard cock.  She just wouldn’t get enough of my cock after she finished sucking it, I started stuffing her holes one by one. Don’t miss this hot mywifeshotfriend update! And if you are looking for similar galleries come inside blog and have fun watching some czech amateurs getting hard fucked.


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Samantha Ryan Fucked Hard

My wifes hot friend, Samantha Ryan invited us over to this nice place out of the city. So we  packed all the things we needed and Friday after work we left directly to the place. There I expected to see her with her husband, but surprise she was divorced for a couple of months now. So I took advantage of the situation and started hitting on her. We had our thing before she got married, without my wife knowing a thing. We used to meet in every weekend in this  cheap motel right next to the city. So when she told us she was single she smiled at me when my wife wasn’t watching.

That night I slept with my wife, but in the next afternoon she went to meet with her aunt that was staying close to us. I invited Samantha in my room closed the door and started kissing her and undressing her in the same time. Then I pushed her on the bed and stuffed her juicy pussy with my monster cock stretching her to the limits. So don’t miss this hardcore mywifeshotfriend update. Enjoy it and don’t forget that you can find similar videos and picture galleries inside website, so check it out and have fun watching other hot babes getting fucked!


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My Wifes Hot Friend Porn Scene

We are back with another my wifes hot friend porn scene. We were invited a few weeks ago to this birthday party at one of my wife’s friends place.  She told me that we had to go because it was one of her closest friends in college, so I didn’t argued with her. We dressed up bought her an expensive present and showed at her door step. I gave her the flowers, but something weird happened. When I leaned over to kiss her and wish her happy birthday she grabbed my cock, but no one saw it. We went in the living room with the rest of the guests, but after a while she slipped me a note. She wrote me with her lipstick to meet in her bedroom in ten minute for a full body massage.

I always wanted to nail her so I didn’t miss my big shot.  I excused my self, telling my wife that I was going to the bathroom. I made sure no one saw me entering her bed room and there she was, completely naked waiting for me. I locked the door then she pulled me over her and  she started sucking my fat cock and she didn’t stopped until I cummed all over her huge tits. Then she pushed in the bed, grabbed my cock and stuffed in in her juicy pussy and started riding it like crazy. Enjoy it!


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Katie St Ives Fucked

Katie St Ives, my wifes hot friend from high school gave her a call the other day. I didn’t asked what happened but when my wife came home she brought her too with all of her stuff as well. After I found out from my wife that she was divorcing her husband after a three year marriage. Of course I was ok with her staying at our place, because I am a good person and she looks smoking hot and I couldn’t wait to get in her panties. So after a few days of accommodation we finally got to talk, only the two of us. My wife went to visit her mother a few days so I took advantage of her visit to try to make a move on her.

So the other night I opened a bottle of wine and we went in our backyard to talk. After she complained about her cheating husband and told me how lucky my wife is for having me I made my move. I put my hand on her leg and offered her a massage. While massaging her back I started undressing her and she told me to go in the house, so the neighbors couldn’t see us. Before you know it we were fucking all over the place. So don’t miss out this mywifeshotfriend update! Enjoy and don’t forget that you can find similar videos inside blog. See you soon, friends!


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My Wifes Hot Friend – Capri Cavanni

My wifes hot friend, Capri Cavanni, stayed at our place for a few days. She came in a short visit in our town, so my wife invited her to stay at our place. In the weekend my wife took her to see the town and stuff, shopping and all those chick things. But from Monday she went to work, so I had to take care of her and take her to visit. It was so hard these few last days to have her around me. Not because she wasn’t a pleasant company, but she is so smoking hot just like the babes from sweetsinner videos. She has these huge tits and the finest ass, but I couldn’t do anything because she was with my wife all the time.

Today, instead, was my lucky day and after we got both tired from the city we went each to its room to take a shower. But I couldn’t take it any longer so I entered in the shower with her. After I started kissing her I felt her hand grabbing my cock. So after we fucked in the shower we moved the action in the living room and I let her ride my cock one more time. She really knows her way around cocks that’s for sure. Enjoy it!


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MyWifesHotFriend – Avril

Avril, mywifeshotfriend, came in a trip with us a few weeks ago. She was quite sad because she was single so she brought her sister with us. After we checked in at the hotel and had lunch, the gals went out for a walk. Of course I was to tired and stayed at the hotel to take a nap. So after finishing my drink I went upstairs, took a shower and jumped in bed. It was too hot there and their air conditioning machine was broken, so I had to sleep naked. But in the middle of sleep I felt something weird, like someone was touching my cock.  When I opened my eyes there she was,  Avril wearing nothing but a big smile on her face.

At first I wanted to stop her, but then I thought to take advantage of the situation. So I grabbed her by her hair and stuffed my tool in her filthy mouth and didn’t let her until I got her covered with nasty jizz. Then she bent over exposing her pussy that was waiting to get stuffed. So I shoved my hard cock in her eager pussy stretching it to the limits. As promised we’ll be back next week with more of my wifes hot friend scenes for you guys! Check out website and have a great time watching similar videos.


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Andy San Dimas Fucked

Andy, my wifes hot friend, came over the other day to our place to barrow something from our kitchen. She started explaining me that my wife told her that she could take anything that she wanted too see that hot couple fucking even if she wasn’t home. I told that it was ok and I didn’t mind. I let her in the kitchen while I continued my workout in the basement. After a half an hour or so she came downstairs to tell that she was living. But she opened the door and stood there and started staring at me while I was lifting my weights.


I never had any moment with Andy, but after the look from her face and the way she bite her lips, she sure wanted more. So I played her game and asked her to help me out and bring me a bottle of water. I thought she was to shy to do anything, but i was surprised when I saw her completely naked with my bottle of water in her hand. So I took her in the living room and started stuffing her holes with my hard cock. She just couldn’t get enough of it. So don’t miss the entire mywifeshotfriend gallery.Also you can visit the website and see some slutty mature ladies getting their wet cunts fucked!

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My Wifes Hot Friend – Ivy Sherwood

My wifes hot friend, Ivy and her husband made us a visit the other day for dinner. After we all enjoyed the great food we got out of wine so my wife and her husband, Bob, left to buy more. After I finished cleaning the dining room, I went in the living room to watch some tv with Ivy until they returned. But Ivy had other plans for us. When I entered the room I found her naked on my couch waiting for me. I know that she loves receiving slippery massages so I took advantage of the situation and took care of her needs and mine of course.

I closed the drapes, locked the door and started fooling around with her. But she couldn’t wait to her hands on my fat cock, so I didn’t got to do anything, because she was on her knees and ready for some action. She grabbed my hard tool and stuffed it in her filthy mouth getting all covered with creamy loads of cum all over her cute face and over those huge juggs. I returned the favor and stuffed her juicy pussy and right in time because when we finished our life partners were back with the wine. Enjoy it!


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